Antoniya Ivanova launched her eponymous label in 2011 after making Berlin her homebase. Since then she’s been working on her Ready-to-Wear collections and costume design projects. Her collections are clean-cut and modern, the lines refined. A stylistic equilibrium between light and shadow, fluidity and structure, natural and man-made, past, present and future.
  For her the unspoken language of clothes is an expression of a person’s feelings and emotions. A constant evolution and a quest for balance, harmony and unity. Her approach to fashion is very personal - creating a garment is a journey and an exploration of ourselves, a creation of a relationship between the garment, the designer and the wearer.
  Antoniya Ivanova was born and raised in Bulgaria. She studied Economics but driven by curiosity and the constant need for change she moved to San Francisco. There she studied Fashion Design at the Art Institute of California and was part of Missing Piece Art Collective focusing on custom wearable art. After graduating with honors in 2008 Antoniya moved to Paris where she worked for an Haute Couture house. Then in 2011 she made Berlin the base of her creative explorations and now runs her own atelier.

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